Vision by Danwood

Vision by Danwood





Housing made for natural living.

An elegant and modular design inspired by nature, made in an uncompromising range of materials. That is what comprises Vision — a series of turnkey prefabricated wooden houses made by Danwood. From their facilities in Denmark and Poland, they partnered with JJD to explore and define the Vision concept.

The result is a series of ultrafine housing inspired by Scandinavian design throughout — with spatial optimisation and modularity at the core. While the housing series is made to integrate with nature through large natural light sources and access to spectacular views, advanced VR technology is also utilised to let potential buyers experience their dream home on the spot.

Letting nature breathe

All of the concepts are crafted to invite nature inside: On the outside the house is defined by its high quality materials. On the inside, the large glass facades create open and spacious rooms with unrestricted views. JJD assisted Danwood in coupling the houses with interior design in light and subdued colors, underlining the Scandinavian feel throughout the entire home.



A Modular Approach

The Vision series is strongly influenced by the principles of Scandinavian design when it comes to utilisation of space and modularity. Every angle and corner in the designs have a function — and many of the same building modules are used across the 6 different designs, creating an efficient construction process.


Vision 195


Vision 172


Vision 178


Vision 207


Vision 220


Vision 227

Jacob Kjær Nielsen

Global Design Director, JJD

“Danwood wanted a series of concepts that were different, but still based on their Danish heritage and history. We aren’t architects, so we approached the task purely from a design point of view: ‘How should it feel to live in the space? How might we create warm and inviting space that feels connected to nature?'"




Vision in VR

The Danwood VR concept allows potential residents to visualise their dream home. In the virtual space, they’re able to try out different surfaces and explore their preferred house model prior to signing the deal of their lives.

Vision VR.jpg

Award-winning architecture

Vision was launched in mid-2019 on the German market, the primary market of Danwood — and was well received. In January 2020, Vision 195, the double storey home, was recognised by iF award 2020 in the Architecture discipline.

To view the full collection visit https://danwoodvision.de/