For more than half a century, Jacob Jensen Design has been an important entity within the international design scene. The studio’s characteristic minimalist design language has proven to have global appeal and to be exceptionally enduring.

Jacob Jensen Design offers a broad range of creative services:
• Product design
• Graphic design
• Value clarification
• Branding and communication
• Public space
• Lectures and workshops

We operate out of Denmark, China and Thailand.


18th December 2017

Timothy Jacob Jensen, Chief Designer and CEO at Jacob Jensen Design has been named Designer of the year 2017 by the Chinese design publication Trendshome Magazine. The relationship between Design and Responsibility is the main focus of Trendshome Magazine’s feature.

Design today is not only about giving a product a beautiful form – it leans more towards showcasing values through design. In other words, designers can improve people’s lives through good designs and eventually change people’s lifestyles, their mindset and, ultimately, the world.

The featured article has been published in Trendshome Magazine’s December issue with a reach of 800,000 readers across mainland China.


20th September 2017

The Linear series is the latest men’s collection of timepieces exhibiting the familiar, ultramodern JACOB JENSEN™ design signature. As the name suggests, its aesthetic is based on a series of perfectly proportioned lines and linear markings that results in this avant-garde series of timepieces.

The Linear series design embodies the ‘Form Follows Feelings’ approach, which Chief Design Officer Timothy Jacob Jensen has continued to refine and evolve, since it was developed during the early 1960s by his father, Jacob Jensen.

Launch of Phicomm K3 router designed by Jacob Jensen

23rd March 2017

One of China’s top manufacturer of networking and communications products, Phicomm, has officially launched their 2017 hero product: the Phicomm K3 router designed by Jacob Jensen.
The partnership brings a new understanding of how routers looks like and how we interact with them. The Phicomm K3 is a balanced combination of the Scandinavian Jacob Jensen design language and Phicomm’s state-of-the-art technology. The slim shape and narrow front makes it an attractive piece of the interior decoration. It features eight integrated antennas that provide excellent Wi-Fi coverage with the highest speed. Before the launch, Phicomm K3 was already awarded the prestigious international iF Design Award 2017.

LUFTHANSA First Class Amenity Kits


Jacob Jensen Design has become a member of an exclusive group of design studios selected to contribute to the premium ambiance on Lufthansa’s highly rated First Class offerings.

The amenity kits are designed to fit Lufthansa’s image combined with Scandinavian design language and values to contribute to a pleasant journey for First Class Passengers.

Jacob Jensen was among the last great Danish designers belonging to the golden era of the 1950s known as Danish Modern. He was the first Dane to train as an industrial designer and is considered a pioneer in Danish corporate history.


Jacob Jensen Design have established sister studios in regions around the world offering clients total design solutions from the broad range of creative services.
Together with universities we have established an international training environment at university level. Our design studios are fully operational, reality is our teaching philosophy.
Our aim is to share our Scandinavian values and take part in building a better society through education, design credit and fair royalty sharing.

World of Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen Design provides a wide range of services for clients all over the world, helping them become leaders in their industry.

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Jacob Jensen Design have created total design solutions for more than half a century for clients all over the world.

With our global insight into design, innovation, technology and communication, we can help your company create iconic products that live longer, work better and look nicer. It all adds to your company position, your brand and your bottom line.


Let us present you with the possibilities available to your company when working with Jacob Jensen Design.

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