Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen was among the last great Danish designers belonging to the golden era of the 1950s known as Danish Modern. He was the first Dane to train as an industrial designer and is considered a pioneer in Danish corporate history.

Design Style

During the early 60s, Danish designer Jacob Jensen merged the International and MAYA styles in a unique, ultramodern design language with maximum consumer appeal. He labelled it »Different but not strange« – a design language that unfolded through 27 years of cooperation with Danish consumer electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen.

Since the mid-80s, the Jacob Jensen Design team has continued to refine and evolve the merging of the International and MAYA styles developed by company founder, Jacob Jensen. By applying the design style to a number of new areas and product categories, the original almost two-dimensional graphic expression has become three-dimensional.


Today Jacob Jensen Design is a team-based company where a global team of both young and experienced designers inspire each other with the ambition to create iconic products and concepts for clients. A project for a client in Thailand will be managed by the Thailand Design team, but designers from Shanghai and Denmark will also be involved as they add ideas and market intelligence from other parts of the world. This is called the TeamPlay organisation

The values of JACOB JENSEN

Our values underpin everything that we stand for.
Pure + Perfect + Enduring = Night and Day

DISTINCTIONS & Exhibitions

Together with our clients and partners we have gained international distinctions since 1949, where Jacob Jensen was awarded his first medal
by King Frederik IX of Denmark in connection with a contest for which the young Jacob had submitted a chair.

Jacob Jensen Design has remained a highly awarded design studio and is represented at museums all over the world.

The Organisation

The people behind Jacob Jensen Design are our greatest asset. We work in teams of both local and foreign talents, which provide our clients with both a unique local insight as well as a global perspective. We call this TeamPlay.

Even though, we are spread over more continents we consider each individual to be an important member of our family. We help each other to grow - as professional and as humans.


Clean surfaces, which upon closer investigation reveal a rich inner life. Clear lines and sharp edges inviting investigation. A delight to the eye. Calm acceptance in the mind. An invitation to embrace.
This is not a description of our design work, though it could be. It is a description of the view from the rather remarkable house in Denmark where Jacob Jensen Design has been established for more than a quarter of a century. The view is so calm and clear that it continues to inspire to our designers around the world.


Located in the small village of Hejlskov, the House of Jacob Jensen was inaugurated to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Jacob Jensen Design in 2008.
House of Jacob Jensen accommodates the Jacob Jensen Design studio, the Design Collection and a showroom for JACOB JENSEN Products.

House of Jacob Jensen is the largest permanent collection of Jacob Jensen designs in the world. Smaller collections can be found in numerous design museums around the world, including Museum of Modern art in New York and Neue Sammlung in Munich.