Nordlux Aludra

Crafting a series of lamps that shine in all aspects





Since 1977, the Danish lighting provider Nordlux has created lamps with the goal of inspiring people across the globe. Therefore, it seemed only natural for us to partner with them in an attempt to take outdoor lighting from a mere necessity to an aesthetic choice.


The result

The result is the award-winning Aludra: A series of sleek and streamlined outdoor lamps combining uncompromising attention to detail with a form language that doesn’t only make your surroundings shine — they make the lamp and light come alive in quite unique ways.

Matrix 2.png

A living source of light

The core idea behind Aludra is to make the lamp and its light come alive. When you move around it, the ridges open and close off the lighting source, providing a subtle, but engaging experience.


Now, look again

We’ve employed the principles of distance, closeness and touch: The recognisability of the design draws you in, while the details complete the design — and make you want to move.

Jakob Kjær Nielsen, Global Design Director, JJD

“With this design, we aimed for a vivid experience. The surface should appear to open and close as you move by it, letting light out just for you.”


An indoor take on outdoor lighting

Aludra is an outdoor series of lamps inspired by the looks of indoor lighting. The surface is sleek and the ridges are carefully rounded to create an inviting expression.


Optimised for people and production

Simplicity takes time. The long, extruded profiles are the result of countless iterations — because great products are more than simply beautiful: They also need to be viable in business and production. The spears from the floor lamps fold neatly inside the lamp, making them easier to package and transport.

Award-winning design

Aludra received the European Product Design Award 2022. More importantly, Nordlux have recently had to ramp up production efforts due to a consistently increasing demand.

European Product Design Award

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