VRH Küche

Bringing elegance and flexibility into every kitchen





A kitchen faucet is not just a faucet. Established in 1972, VRH is Thailand’s leading manufacturer of stainless kitchen and sanitary fittings, and for years they’ve changed the game when it comes to kitchen inventory. That’s why they decided to create the World + Design product line — teaming off with visionary designers to create a range of unique, premium products.


The task

JJD was approached to take on the task of designing a new kitchen faucet that integrates both regular water and filtered water in a single device — strikingly simple in its design, yet highly intuitive and functional for all types of kitchens and cooks.


Understanding user needs

The design is inspired by the simplicity of tubular structures that allow for a highly flexible experience while remaining visually weightless. A specific request from kitchen users who wanted elegance combined with an intuitive design.


It just makes sense

The upper part of the faucet can be rotated back parallel to the kitchen wall to avoid creating disturbance when it’s not used. When used, the laser-engraved icons provide a visual clue to accurately place a utensil under the right aerator. 

Make your choice

Küche comes in a range of different colours ranging from a simple steel theme with subtle surface differences to more defined and bold colours — allowing you to personalise your kitchen.



The surface makes the difference

The contrast between light and dark merged with carefully placed rotation points creates an intuitive perception between user input and faucet output. The overall result is an iconic architectural silhouette with combinations of matte and gloss finishing. 

Award-winning design

Launching at the Architect Fair in Bangkok in 2019, Küche proceeded to win a Red Dot Design Award in 2020 for its intuitive and recognisable design.

Red Dot Award 2020
Good Design Award 2019

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