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Micron Ware

Priming a brand for international expansion





Established in 1979, Micron Ware specialises in the production of a wide range of plastic houseware products, including kitchen utensils, storage solutions, plastic furniture and lifestyle accessories. 


The task

Having become a household name in Thailand, the family-run business decided to expand globally to cover more than 40 countries in a bold move from mainly being a manufacturer towards becoming a lifestyle brand for homeware. The ambition was clear: Root the brand in its Thai heritage and position Micron Ware as a brand of choice for storage products worldwide. The result is a brand that combines simple, sleek and understated Scandinavian aesthetics with the warm and modest touch of Thai culture.

Going into the field

Moving further into the B2C sphere requires a thorough understanding of what drives the market. The entire design team went into homeware stores to speak to customers about their preferences while benchmarking against competitors.



Modern functionality meets Thai tradition

Micron Ware’s new visual identity is consistent in cleverly incorporating elements of Thai culture. Thailand’s signature tone of deep indigo blue (‘Kram’ in Thai) is contrasted with vibrant colours and visuals that celebrate the rich and tantalising Thai culinary tradition.


It lives across touchpoints

The Micron Ware brand experience consistently engages customers across all touchpoints: social media platforms, print media, tradeshow booths, packaging and merchandise design, and all points of purchase.

A comprehensive packaging concept

We’ve designed a highly modular packaging system made from simple building blocks — making it easy for Micron Ware to stand out while clearly conveying product information and imagery.



​​Mr. Plawooth Charoenchitmun, Business Development Manager of Micron Ware and son of the company’s founder

“Working with Jacob Jensen Design on revitalising our brand has been a wonderful experience. We are very honoured to be working with a dedicated and world-class team of designers to create our new brand ​​identity. This is critical for us to leapfrog competitively to the global arena. Sincerely, I feel that they really ​​care about the success of our brand and that’s why I love working with them.”


Fully transformed

The new identity has repositioned the company, provided substantial sales boosts and helped Micron Ware enter new markets worldwide at a much faster pace.

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