Ecovacs Deebot X1

Defining a new company era





Long before the concept of a ‘smart home’ became a worldwide trend, Ecovacs Robotics has produced vanguard products in the sector. Since 1998, they’ve pushed the boundaries of how technology can make life at home better — and the new Deebot robotic vacuum and mopping cleaner is no exception.


The task

To remain as one of the smart home leaders and to mark a new era of tech innovation, Ecovacs partnered with JJD to launch a company defining flagship product: The Deebot X1.

The objective was clear: Craft a product that redefines the premium robotic vacuum industry, a one of a kind product that amplifies Ecovacs’ unique vision of the future.


Frictionless and effortless

We all know that feeling when everything simply works. The Deebot X1 is designed to be completely effortless — there’s not even a need to clean it. It’s all handled by the robotic vacuum cleaner itself.



Value-based design

Instead of following trends, we employed a value-based process in the belief that a great product reflects and amplifies the company’s values and vision. It connects with users on an emotional level and represents a unique identity.


Close collaboration between designers and engineers

The Deebot uses highly advanced technology and engineering solutions — such as the groundbreaking room scanning feature. The look and feel reflect the advancements.

Kim Michel, Global Design Director, JJD

“When the product resonates with users on an emotional level, it transcends into a symbol of identity and values. This makes the comparison of features and price obsolete and is the recipe for a truly value-based and timeless product.”


It’s in the details

Consistent use of harmonized lines, sleek surfaces — and innovative solutions. Additional brushes, mops and detergents are easily stored away in the middle compartment of the omni station, proving that smartness is not always digital.

All around the world

From Shanghai and Tokyo to Stockholm: The Deebot X1 is now available for purchase everywhere and has proven to set new standards in the global robotic vacuum cleaner market. It won a Red Dot Design Award in 2022.

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