Senior Industrial Designer Shanghai

Senior Industrial Designer
Starting date: May 2022.
Based in: Shanghai, China.


Jacob Jensen Design have created total design solutions for more than half a century for clients all over the world.

With our global insight into design, innovation, technology and communication, we can help your company create iconic products that live longer, work better and look nicer. It all adds to your company position, your brand and your bottom line.

 Let us present you with the possibilities available to your company when working with Jacob Jensen Design.

Become our next university partner

We aim to partner up with more universities around the world in the coming years.

Education partners are essential to carry our work beyond business and allow us to contribute to the development of knowledge and society in local regions.

If you would like to find out more about what a partnership may involve for your university, please contact us.

Denmark has a culture of trust. We trust our neighbour, our government, the police, the courts and our partners. Therefore Denmark has less bureaucracy and less corruption. We bring our ethics with us when we work abroad.

Lars Kolind, chairman Jacob Jensen Design


Jacob Jensen Design in Denmark offers internships for suitable applicants from all over the world.
We expect you to already have received, or be at least half way through a relevant education program in the area of design, graphic design or brand development.
The internship typically has a duration of 4-6 months. During that time you will be expected to participate in the daily routine at the studio.
We can offer you the chance to work in a friendly and informal international atmosphere with a dedicated team.

Become a JACOB JENSEN™ license partner

Become a JACOB JENSEN™ partner by establishing your own line of JACOB JENSEN™ products.
Through a network of partners, Jacob Jensen Brand offers a number of opportunities and benefits associated with the brand.
JACOB JENSEN™ partners can take advantage of more than fifty years of design heritage and brand building and have access to a comprehensive online brand book, plus public relations and cross promotional opportunities, to name just a few benefits.

Contact us for more information

Become a JACOB JENSEN Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a regional distributor of JACOB JENSEN Products, please feel free to contact us.
We will revert to you which company information is required for us to determine, if your company might be a good match for us.