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In 2004, Volvo was owned by Ford and positioned within their premium brand category together with Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Lincoln.

As Volvo is one of only very few car brands in Scandinavia, it was clear to Ford that the main focus for the brand should be its Scandinavian roots. With an emphasis on differentiation and strengthening of the brand’s identity and consequently its products, the Volvo Strategic Design Department commissioned Jacob Jensen Design to give their interpretation of Scandinavian values.


After six months and a number of design and development phases, the result was delivered as a three-by-two-metre inspiration wall. The definition of Scandinavian values was expressed in words, pictures, music and physical materials. The wall became an inspirational tool for the interior design team at Volvo. Jacob Jensen Design defined the Scandinavian values as: honesty, caring and peacefulness.


Authentic: We prefer to use genuine raw materials of the highest quality as opposed to imitations.

Fair: We are decent, reliable and treat everyone with respect.

Open: We enjoy a high degree of mental freedom and are willing to consider different points of view.


Considerate: We strive to secure the safety of others and allow room for their differences.

Friendly: We are informal, welcoming and appreciate a good sense of humour.

Responsible: We feel responsible for the world we live in, our society, our family and ourselves and we believe that each and everyone’s awareness and impact can influence change.


Quiet: We appreciate and enhance quiet beauty and elegance in our surroundings and have a strong sense of aesthetics, materials and colours.

Enduring: We strive to give new ideas and designs lasting shapes and intelligent solutions that will make sense today as well as in the future.

Modest: We tend to play down our successes.

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