Tommerup Kister

Coffins and Urns I Denmark

Tommerup Kister wanted to launch a unique and universal coffin; a lasting design combined with proper respect for tradition.

The idea was to celebrate Tommerup Kister’s centennial anniversary by bringing together their one hundred years of funeral directing experience with Jacob Jensen Design’s fifty years of unique Scandinavian design. In a field bound by tradition, the design process was carefully considered.

Tommerup Kister | Diamant 32 Coffin | 2012

Jacob Jensen Design found design inspiration in the shape of a diamond. The diamond is a simple and stately shape, a symbol of the perpetual, pure and sublime. It expresses a mood of respect and quiet beauty: a perfect combination of form and feeling. Through the coffin’s clear lines and contrasts between light and dark, the pure and classic form language of Jacob Jensen Design is revealed.

Tommerup Kister | Diamant 26 Coffin | 2012

The coffin attains a harmonious sculptural expression. The highest point in the coffin follows the heart line, and the surface is such that a single flower can be placed there.

As soon as the Diamant series was launched on the market, the Diamant 32 coffin won the 2011 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Tommerup Kister | Diamant 14 Coffin | 2012

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