Timothy Jacob Jensen

Timothy Jacob Jensen was CEO and Chief Designer of Jacob Jensen Design from 1990 to 2018. The company was founded by his father, Jacob Jensen, in 1958 and today it is Scandinavia’s oldest and most award-winning design consultancy. Timothy Jacob Jensen was apprenticed to his father in 1978 and took over the responsibility of the design studio in 1990.


In the 20th century there have been two main global industrial/product design styles; the rationalist and minimalist Bauhaus/ Ulm style and the ultramodern International / Maya Style.

Since the mid-80s, designer Timothy Jacob Jensen has continued to refine and evolve the merging of the International and MAYA styles developed by his father, Jacob Jensen. By applying the design style to a number of new areas and product categories, the original almost two-dimensional graphic expression has become three-dimensional. With his maxim that »Form Follows Feelings« approach, Timothy Jacob Jensen proves the endurance and universal consumer appeal of the design style, applying it to multiple global brands like Gaggenau, Vertu and Steinway Lyngdorf as well as the company’s own brand JACOB JENSEN™.


Under Timothy’s leadership, Jacob Jensen Design has remained a highly awarded design studio. The design language has been refined and transferred to new areas of application as the company has gone global.

Today, Jacob Jensen Design has studios in Shanghai and Bangkok as well as in Denmark.


As international Keynote speaker and Professor of Industrial Design, Timothy Jacob Jensen has been giving tailor-made lectures and workshops for more than 15 years.

Timothy Jacob Jensen gives about 10 guest lectures per year, covering major issues in design, aesthetics and the practical implications of beauty. Besides, he also gives guest lectures at other Chinese universities and companies in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc.

In 2012, Timothy Jacob Jensen was appointed as the first master of DeTao Masters Academy, Shanghai, China, and in 2014 Jacob Jensen Design established its sister studio in Bangkok in collaboration with King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. The aim of these academies is to support design education and provide creative services within China and the South East Asia region.

In 1999 Timothy founded the brand JACOB JENSEN. The first products to bear the JACOB JENSEN brand were two wristwatches designed by Timothy Jacob Jensen: the Classic watch series, model 510 & 520. They were included in the design study collection at Museum of Modern Art in New York and were awarded Watch of the Year in 1986, almost thirty years ago. The JACOB JENSEN 510 and 520 watches are still in production today, and their enduring character continues to appeal to new customers.

The Classic watches are far from the only internationally awarded products designs by Timothy Jacob Jensen. Since the generation change in 1990, Timothy has established the JACOB JENSEN trademark and emphasised the universal potential of the form language by expanding it to a wide range of lifestyle products.

JACOB JENSEN is represented in over 30 countries. With its pure contrasts, simple effects and serene user interface, JACOB JENSEN is a design language pointing far into the future.


Timothy Jacob Jensen was the CEO and Chief Designer at Jacob Jensen Design, he has been named Designer of the year 2017 by the Chinese design publication Trendshome Magazine. The relationship between Design and Responsibility is the main focus of Trendshome Magazine’s feature.

Design today is not only about giving a product a beautiful form – it leans more towards showcasing values through design. In other words, designers can improve people’s lives through good designs and eventually change people’s lifestyles, their mindset and, ultimately, the world.

The featured article has been published in Trendshome Magazine’s December issue with a reach of 800,000 readers across mainland China.