»With this graphic profile, we have attempted to reflect the high quality of the products and to provide consumers with peaceful, uniquely Danish design at breakfast.«

Thise Mejeri Visual identity I Denmark

Thise Mejeri I Workshop I Timeline of packaging I 2015

The growth of the Danish organic dairy company Thise has practically exploded over the last 25 years. All this has happened without any master plan as to what their graphic profile should look like.

Coming up on the 25-year anniversary, they decided that it was high time to get a grip on their many graphic expressions. They joined forces with Jacob Jensen Design. The result was a graphic »fenne« – a fenced pasture in the Jutland dialect – outlining how their products and graphic image will look in the future.

Large, calm surfaces.

A beautiful, lively colour scheme based on the already established traditional colours for Danish dairy products.

A consistent splitting up of information into primary, secondary and tertiary levels and a clear-cut and yet classic logotype.

Altogether a profile of iconic simplicity that sends a powerful intuitive signal and makes Thise products stand out visually and qualitatively among the other items in the dairy aisle.

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