The Jacob Jensen Design studio is situated close to the Municipality of Skive in Northern Jutland in Denmark. The city and the municipality wanted to pay tribute to Jacob Jensen. They commissioned the studio to design the ‘11 Stars of Skive’: eleven large sculptures to be placed within the roundabouts that surround the city, each with their own story.


Unveiled to the public in the summer of 2006

The 11 Stars of Skive were unveiled to the public in the summer of 2006 and included a sun, a castle, a square and a crash-landed spaceship (UFO), among other pieces. Their construction used 250 tons of granite and stainless steel, 30,000 pieces of gold leaf and much more.

With their underlying stories, connected through negative and positive space, humour and visual contrasts, they encourage passers-by to look at reality in new ways.


The UFO is the story of the unknown and the unexpected. The interpretation can be both light-hearted and serious. The first story tells us that it is ironic, in an existential sense, that you can cover millions of light years travelling through the universe and still land seven metres off-target. This encourages other road users to maintain a light-hearted view of life.

The more serious story is about what our planet looks like. Is it so presentable that we are ready to receive guests from other solar systems?

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