Collaborating with the DeTao Masters Academy, Jacob Jensen Design has established a sister studio in Shanghai offering creative services and an academic programme.

Our studio is situated at the campus of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art on the 8th floor of the CCIC Building.

Creative Services

Jacob Jensen Design | DeTao Shanghai offers a broad range of creative services:

• Product design
• Graphic design
• Value clarification
• Branding and communication
• Public space
• Lectures and workshops


To maintain consistency of the form language, values and culture in all design studios, the basic structure of the partnership has been developed.

Working across regional studios, a growing multicultural creative muscle is created, which generates more innovative products and design solutions for our clients.

We have over 14 nationalities in our global team. Working together, what we get is more diverse and international thinking to feed into our global network which will only improve the quality of the work that we produce.

The DeTao Masters Academy

The DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) is based on three principles: Collection, Wisdom, and Heritage.

The aim is to gather leading professionals from around the world to pass Western knowledge on to Chinese students. Using the industry connections of both the DTMA and the individual Masters, students will get a hands-on learning experience while working on actual client projects commissioned by the Masters’ studios. DTMA’s vision is tied with China’s repositioning from a copying nation into an innovating one.

The Education

Through practice under the studios’ Creative Directors and senior designers, apprentices will learn Jacob Jensen Design’s values, method and process, which has evolved and been refined over 60 years of continuous improvement. Our work-integrated learning programme is a place to explore while gaining real world experience.

Upon completion of the program, successful apprentice designers will have gained professional experience in the operations of an international design studio while collaborating with other studios around the globe. Ultimately, they will have a unique foundation to build their own careers and studios as design professionals in the future.

The unique atmosphere and surroundings of Jacob Jensen Design in Denmark has a visual impact on the characteristic minimalist design work. Therefore the Studio directors visit the Danish headquarters regularly to fully understand the spirit and studio culture.

Jacob Jensen Design I Detao Shanghai studio facilities are like a mirror of the Danish studio; white hand-plastered walls, natural warm sisal matting on the floor, handmade wooden doors with rounded tops, a unique ceiling consisting of a suspended wooden frame with red bricks, and a fireplace.


For more information regarding the academic programme, term start dates and enrolment, please contact us.