»If ever there was a scenario whereby we were only allowed to live with the portfolio of one designer in our home, Jacob Jensen would be our choice, hands down.«

Hugo Macdonald, Editor, Wallpaper.com


Design for Sound. With a strong history of designing for Danish audio, we offer superb acoustic quality and unique timeless design with every piece we craft.


Analogue or digital. Chronograph or simple time-keeper. Whatever your preference, a JACOB JENSEN watch is a contemporary classic icon defined by pure lines and simple shapes. Each watch has a quiet beauty rooted in the Jacob Jensen design tradition.


Night and day. Light and dark. These emotive contrasts are personified in a JACOB JENSEN clock. Cherish its stylish minimalism and time-telling precision.


»less is more« philosophy underpins the JACOB JENSEN™ kitchen collection. Enjoy the sleek shapes and superb performance of these elegantly practical appliances. After all, you use them every day.


Everyday objects should be beautiful as well as functional. Which is why JACOB JENSEN gives even the humblest item an elegance and quiet beauty that make it a pleasure to use. Every time.


Add an aesthetic dimension to your car. The JACOB JENSEN Automotive products are timeless examples of classic Jacob Jensen Design form language: a clean, minimalist contrast between black and silver.


JACOB JENSEN™ introduces the well-being category to its product collection. The first product to be included in the category is an Air Quality Monitor that measures and displays indoor air quality, humidity and temperature, providing an essential overview of the indoor climate.


In 1985, Jacob Jensen Design created two watches in collaboration with the Danish watch manufacturer Max René. The watches were made of titanium with a soft silicon treatment on the strap and a lens made of sapphire crystal. The silver and black dial of the watches created an association with the daily cycle of night and day, of light and dark.

The watches were the first products marketed under the JACOB JENSEN trademark. In 1986, the Museum of Modern Art in New York included the watches in its Design Study Collection.



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For almost 30 years, we have launched a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products under the trademark of JACOB JENSEN in close collaboration with our network of partners. The characteristic clean Jacob Jensen form language has brought quiet beauty to the daily lives of people all around the world. And the JACOB JENSEN product collection continues to unfold.