»It’s not just a passive object. JACOB JENSEN’s state-of-the-art smoke alarm works optically, actively looking for visible smoke. Yet the design is as discreet as a demurely closed eye.«

Optical Smoke Alarm

JACOB JENSEN Optical Smoke Alarm is yet another breakthrough in our understanding of aesthetics and symbolism: a product as ordinary and essential as a smoke alarm, but with an innovative form language and equipped with the best possible technology for optimal safety and function.

The Smoke alarm is an optical smoke detector that reacts speedily to all forms of visible smoke. This includes smoke from smouldering embers, which can be a problem for ionisation smoke alarms.

This product is no longer in production.

Optical Smoke Alarm

FeaturesOptical smoke detection. Reacts instantly to all sorts of visible smoke - including smoke from glowing and smouldering fire. Being optical, it “looks around” for fire, which means that the alarm is very accurate since there must be smoke present in order to activate an alarm.
Safety standard-
Power supplyOne 9V battery (enclosed). Power source app. 12 uA. Voltage 9 VDC. Low battery signal begins at 7.2 VDC. Normal function for at least ten days from the first low battery signal.
Cable specifications-
Dimensions145 x 126 x 42 mm
Weight107 g
Operational temperature0°C to +40°C /humidity 10 - 90 %
MaterialsABS, PA