Electronic Parking Disc II

Add an aesthetic dimension to your car. The JACOB JENSEN Electronic Parking Disc II automatically registers and displays when your car was parked. The product is attached to the inside of the windscreen.

How it works

Once you activate the parking disc and mount it in your car, it will automatically register when the car is being driven and parked. The time of parking is visible from outside the car on an easy-to-read LCD display. From inside the car, you will see a discreet LED indicator flashing blue when parking time is set and red when it is time for a battery change. Keys for manual setting are concealed under the front cover.


Power supplyTwo pcs. “CR2450” batteries (Included)
Cable specifications-
DimensionsW 100mm x H 100mm x D 13mm
Weight86 g
Operational temperature≤ -20°C or ≥ +70°C