Established in 1965, the AURORA Group is a company providing intelligent and environmentally friendly office solutions.

Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of designing a modular furniture including sofa with big and small-sized integrated or separate table including accessories to be used in reception and public waiting areas within offices.

VISION by Danwood

Danwood a modern manufacturer of turnkey prefabricated wooden house in Europe, with establishment in Denmark and production in Poland.

Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of designing a new ultrafine series of Scandinavian pre-fabricated homes name ‘VISION by Danwood’


Established in 1972, VRH is Thailand's leading manufacturer of stainless kitchen and sanitary fittings.

Recently VRH creates a World+Design as a premium product line collection for collaborations with world-class designers.
Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of designing a new kitchen faucet that integrates both regular water and filtered water spout
in a single functional and intuitive object with the aim of creating a state-of-the-art device without compromising on functionality.



COTTO, Thailand’s leading innovator of sanitary ware, present a unique bathroom experience with the SKIVE Collection - Design by Jacob Jensen.

The bathroom series, consisting of a washbasin, a faucet, a toilet and a shower panel, is a combination of cutting-edge production technology and clean, aesthetic Scandinavian design where user-oriented functionalities, ultra-modern forms and natural materials meet.

"With the SKIVE Collection, we have focused on the bathroom as a vital part of your living space where functionality and usability built into the design is held in high regard. Dry and wet areas are clearly outlined and organized to optimize daily use, and different tactilities in the finishes define the functionalities," says creative director Sebastien Maleville, who has headed the SKIVE collection design team.



The router is one of the most important electronic devices in today’s homes. It serves as a link to the outer world, and it connects and gives access to every imaginable kind of information and entertainment.

The Chinese manufacturer of networking and communications products Phicomm had the idea of the router being the heart of the home and asked Jacob Jensen Design to design their most state-of-the-art device.

"The increased connectivity of today’s society puts high demands on design. We are immersed in technology, and it has moved into our lives. Phicomm had the idea of the router being the heart of the home, which caught our interest. We wanted to give the router the value it deserves and to make people appreciate it in their homes,"



Jacob Jensen Design has become a member of an exclusive group of design studios selected to contribute to the premium ambiance on Lufthansa’s highly rated First Class offerings.

The amenity kits are designed to fit Lufthansa’s image combined with Scandinavian design language and values to contribute to a pleasant journey for First Class Passengers.

Tommerup Kister

Coffins and Urns I Denmark

Tommerup Kister wanted to launch a unique and universal coffin; a lasting design combined with proper respect for tradition.

The idea was to celebrate Tommerup Kister’s centennial anniversary by bringing together their one hundred years of funeral directing experience with Jacob Jensen Design’s fifty years of unique Scandinavian design. In a field bound by tradition, the design process was carefully considered.

Tommerup Kister | Diamant 32 Coffin | 2012


Consumer electronics I Japan

The Toshiba WL768 flat screen TV combines simple Asian symmetry with Scandinavian design traditions. Jacob Jensen Design called the result ‘Scandi-asian’ design.

The 2.89 cm slim design of the WL series TV is characterised by clean lines and high-quality materials such as glass and metal. From a distance, the TV screen conveys an ultramodern form in contrasting silver and black. At close range, it reveals aesthetic details like the touch control neatly integrated into its frameless front.

German IF Award and Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2011.


Design Study I Denmark

Envury 80 is Jacob Jensen Design’s design study of a solar-powered yacht concept. Solar panels positioned on the foredeck of the yacht store electricity in batteries, which feed the main engine and on-board appliances. The garden in the cockpit is automatically maintained by desalination of seawater. Drinking and washing water is also supplied through desalination.

The combination of minimalist form language and sustainable design ensures excellent performance on the water and is perfect for the next generation of environmentally conscious yacht owners.

Envury 80 | Design study | 2008


Audio equipment | Denmark

Working in close collaboration with the Steinway Lyngdorf design team, Jacob Jensen Design contributed to the distinctive styling of the Model D Music System, bringing the long-standing traditions and legendary craftsmanship of Steinway & Sons’ pianos into the digital age.

Steinway Lyngdorf | Steinway & Sons Model D Music System | Co-design Steinway Lyngdorf design team | 2007



Setting new standards for design and functionality, this kitchen is characterised by its slanted fronts and trim lines.

It looks more like a piece of furniture than a traditional kitchen with its exclusive design and thorough details.

TMK I Kitchen I 2006


Luxury Mobile telephones I United Kingdom

Vertu is a British-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile telephones, formerly an independently run division of Finnish manufacturer Nokia.

Jacob Jensen Design was asked to design a premium Bluetooth headset for their highly coveted telephones. The Vertu Aerius Bluetooth Headset is based on existing technology from the Jabra JX10 and features distinctive styling, which gives it its unique Vertu identity. The Aerius is one of the lightest fully-featured headsets in the world.

Vertu | Aerius bluetooth headset | 2006

XO care

Formerly Flex Dental I Dental Equipment I Denmark

The brief was to design a dental solution that would differentiate XO Care nationally as well as internationally, with the product design of an ergonomic dental unit that should provide comfort and safety for dentist and patient alike and optimize workflow and clinical productivity.

The final product, co-developed with XO CARE, won the Danish Design Award in 2007.

XO Care | XO 4 Unit Total dental solution | 2003


Formerly NEG Micon and Nordtank Energy Group | Wind turbines I Denmark

In 1993, the Nordtank Energy Group approached Jacob Jensen Design and commissioned them to design and develop one of the largest commercial wind turbines in the world.

Measuring about one hundred metres and with a wingspan of sixty metres, the turbine’s output of approximately 1.5 MWh is equal to the annual electricity consumption of 900 households.

NTK 1500/60 was put into production in August 1995. It received the German IF Award and the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 1997.

Vestas | NTK 1500/60 wind turbine | 1995


Kitchen appliances | Germany

Gaggenau is among the world leaders in the field of exclusive built-in kitchen appliances. Their products express a consistent approach: the quest for the ideal balance of perfect form, the latest technology and something that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

From 1991 to 1998, Jacob Jensen Design redefined Gaggenau’s entire design programme comprising several ranges of products including ceramic hobs, built-in ovens, extractor hoods, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers.

Gaggenau | EB900 built-in oven | 1993


Design Study I Denmark

The Logicar was considered an innovation in automotive design for its time. It comprised a multipurpose vehicle that could evolve from an estate car to a pick-up.

Despite many attempts, the car never made it into production. However, the featured flat, angled front was a major inspiration throughout the automotive industry.

Full-size working prototype: conversion from estate car to pick-up

Logicar | Design study | 1982



The relationship between Bang & Olufsen and Jacob Jensen Design began in 1964 and continued in various forms until 1991.

During this period, Jacob Jensen Design developed the trailblazing form language, which transformed the company from Danish quality brand to international design icon.

Bang & Olufsen | Beogram 4000 turntable | 1973



In 1955, Jacob Jensen was a young industrial designer working at the Copenhagen design studio Bernadotte & Bjørn. One day, a small Danish company called Rosti asked them to design some plastic kitchen products. The project was assigned to Jacob, who designed a beautiful mixing bowl. It is still in production today and is regarded as a design classic.


Jacob Jensen Design have created total design solutions for more than half a century for clients all over the world.

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