The values of JACOB JENSEN

Our values underpin everything that we stand for.


Pure form, pure function. We aim to combine form and function in a beautiful, understated way, making the form so clear that the function is obvious and the function so clear that the form could not be anything else. We are aware of our responsibility to nature and humanity; to the aesthetics of daily living and sustainability.


We can never reach the perfect horizon. We may catch a brief glimpse of it, and that spurs us on deeper and further. The essence of our products is our search for perfect functionality and perfect composition.


Endurance means producing new ideas and designing products that will last. It’s about producing an intelligent solution that makes sense both now and in the future. Endurance also means keeping up sustainable quality in terms of both materials and construction.

Pure + Perfect + Enduring = Night and Day

The values of JACOB JENSEN

The Jacob Jensen Design logo is the visualization of these values.