Clean surfaces, which upon closer investigation reveal a rich inner life. Clear lines and sharp edges inviting investigation. A delight to the eye. Calm acceptance in the mind. An invitation to embrace.

This is not a description of our design work, though it could be. It is a description of the view from the rather remarkable house in Denmark where Jacob Jensen Design has been established for more than a quarter of a century. The view is so calm and clear that it continues to inspire our designers around the world.

Jacob Jensen Design moved to its present location in 1966. The move was partly related to Jacob Jensen’s new client, B&O in Struer, 50 kilometres from Hejlskov. The house is built by Jacob Hermann, one of Jacob Jensen’s former teachers at the School of Arts and Crafts. It is situated in a beautiful and isolated landscape on the shores of the fjord.

From the age of four, Timothy Jacob Jensen grew up in the natural surroundings of Hejlskov.

From 1990 to 2018, he took over the beautiful house as his private home and became Chief Executive Officer and main shareholder of Jacob Jensen Design. The studio has expanded so that the building now covers 1,100 square metres.


A warm and welcoming atmosphere is an important part of the Jacob Jensen Design studio culture. When Timothy is not traveling, he will be the first one in at the office, lighting the candles and the fireplace, turning on the lights, the coffee machine and the music before anyone else arrives. Preferred music in the morning is J.S. Bach, while Pink Floyd will be played in the afternoon.


For a creative team, the physical studio facilities are essential. The studio in Hejlskov has evolved through the years to become a unique mixture of design, handcraft and daily life with a touch of craziness.

There is a connecting thread running through the whole building though: All the white walls are plastered by hand, the floors are covered by natural warm sisal, the wooden doors are all different and handmade with rounded tops, and fireplaces can be found throughout. The studio has a unique ceiling consisting of a suspended wooden frame with bricks sourced from the Danish island of Fur. Besides their aesthetic value, the bricks have a natural ability to absorb moisture and regulate temperature.

The unique atmosphere and surroundings of the Jacob Jensen Design studio have a vital impact on the characteristic minimalist design work of the studio. When establishing sister studios around the world, we aim to capture some of the emotion and reflect the workspace as closely as we can. Of course, we always respect regional culture and use local resources.