House of Jacob Jensen

Located in the small village of Hejlskov, approximately 1.5 kilometres from the Jacob Jensen Design studio, the House of Jacob Jensen was inaugurated to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Jacob Jensen Design in 2008.
House of Jacob Jensen accommodates the Jacob Jensen Design Collection and showroom for JACOB JENSEN Products.

House of Jacob Jensen | Design collection

»My father and I sat down to discuss how to celebrate the 50th anniversary. We both wanted to make a retrospective exhibition, describing the development over five decades, but where to have it? We have had exhibitions many places over the years. Places like the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Neue Sammlung in Munich. In the end we decided to have the exhibition right here in Hejlskov. We wanted to collect our designs and create our personal exhibition. We wanted to return our works to the nature which inspired us to bring them to life.«
Timothy Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen Design Collection

House of Jacob Jensen I Design collection I Jabra JX10
House of Jacob Jensen accommodates the Jacob Jensen Design Collection. The Jacob Jensen Design Collection displays a retrospective collection of the studio’s design icons, studies and graphic works.


House of Jacob Jensen is the perfect venue for meetings, workshops, sales events etc. Here you can combine business with a tour of fifty years of design history as well as panoramic views across the beautiful Danish countryside.

The meeting room can accommodate up to fifty people and has access to a JACOB JENSEN™ kitchen and an outdoor terrace overlooking the surrounding countryside. Organisers will have access to high speed internet together with all the necessary audio visual equipment.