A graduate apprenticeship at Jacob Jensen Design is a unique opportunity to gain working experience in an international learning environment.

Jacob Jensen Design | KMUTT Bangkok is a fully operational design consultancy where our graduate apprentices acquire design skills and learn about Scandinavian design methodology as well. Working on real projects is our teaching philosophy.

Follow the working life of a graduate apprentice at our Bangkok studio via the dedicated Facebook page.

Upon completion of the programme, successful apprentices will graduate as designers who competently reflect the design language of Jacob Jensen Design.

We share our success.

The designers or apprentices who contribute to the work in the studio are co-credited for their contributions on patent registrations and earn a portion of the royalty.

Through our credit and royalty sharing structure, apprentices do not only gain knowledge and experience working in an international design studio but also a chance to build their portfolio as a designer internationally.


This is an integrated training programme. Graduate apprentices learn through working full-time as part of our design team, Monday to Friday.

The fee for the one-year graduate apprenticeship programme is 250,000 THB.

Upon completion, apprentices acquire 18 credits applicable for Masters degree in Design and Planning at KMUTT.

To learn more about the programme, requirements and course structure, see the links below.


To apply for the graduate apprenticeship programme, please send us the application form together with your CV and portfolio.

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in design, architecture, engineering or another related field.

If you have any questions regarding the graduate apprenticeship programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.