The Design Language

Jacob Jensen Design is characterized by a homogenous and easily recognizable design language originally developed by Jacob Jensen.

The Jacob Jensen Design language is a design philosophy that embraces distance, closeness and touch. The design language has proved unusually time resistant. It has grown and spread for almost sixty years and is still unfolding.


A single, streamlined, ultramodern form combined with contrasts in silver and black. This is this part of the form language primarily associated with Jacob Jensen, a feature so striking that people all over the world recognize a Jacob Jensen design at a glance


Refined aesthetic details, in relation at once to the design of the three-dimensional, such as switches, and to graphics. It is particularly in this care for detail that Jacob Jensen’s roots in Danish furniture crafts become visible.


Something magical happens when you touch the product: A display comes to life, a lid slides open with meditative slowness, an unexpected user panel appears. There is a seductive gift included.