Visual identity I Denmark

In 2012, Jacob Jensen Design won a EU tender for designing a visual identity for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. In Danish, the denomination is called »The people´s church«, which is appropriate since 80% of the Danes are members.


In order to create an identity that is truly anchored in the Danish people's idea of their church, Jacob Jensen Design designed a process starting with the creation a special website: »Signmark«. Here, everybody was invited to submit photos, drawings, symbols etc. of what he or she considered to be a positive visual expression of the »people's church«.

We transferred the visual identity to an online publishing system that makes it possible to publish beautiful results without having any graphic experience. The system includes a logo generator, various layouts for business cards, church magazines and much more.

A workgroup of church representatives transformed the many contributions and other inputs into a »creative mandate« for Jacob Jensen Design. The design team then created a range of possible visual concepts that resulted in what is now the logo of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.


The logo signifies three central and valuable dimensions of the church. First, that belief in the Evangelical Lutheran tradition is an issue between the individual and God, which can have many forms and colours. The many small Christian icons symbolises this. The small icons also point to the freedom of the local churches and parishes, and their rich diversity. The fundamental and common dimension of the church is expressed in the cross – the universal symbol of Christianity – in the centre and in the enclosing circle symbolising baptism.


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