THAIYARNYON Mobile Application UI Design

THAIYARNYON, the leading Thai automotive brand, is a member of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Partner Programme and a Volkswagen-approved Conversion Manufacturer.

THAIYARNYON has transformed the Volkswagen Caravelle into a premium vehicle, with a complete remodelling of the interior, newly designed adjustable VIP seats, a privacy partition, and a comprehensive in-car infotainment system.

Jacob Jensen Design was tasked with revamping the in-car infotainment system’s UI for greater user convenience and a more contemporary aesthetic that matched the vehicle’s premium feel. Visual consistency has also been established throughout the mobile application and onboard television system.

Significant features

The new application design provides users with a clear and intuitive interface. Shortcuts to frequently used features appear on the main screen, and detailed controls for in-car functions and seat adjustment can be accessed with a single touch.

The addition of a digital TV controller has eliminated the need for multiple devices, creating a seamless experience for users across both mobile and onboard interfaces.

Taking into consideration all aspects of the user experience, the design and layout have been optimised for clarity and ease of use. Addressing the needs of more senior users, higher contrast ensures readability, and larger touch areas are more forgiving during operation.

Simple illustrations and minimal text allow for intuitive navigation, while thematic imagery associated with road travel adds a modern touch that connects to the spirit of the THAIYARNYON brand.

The rounded square graphic elements and black and white colour palette with dark blue accents are distinct, with a premium feel that has come to be associated with the THAIYARNYON experience.

The launch

The THAIYARNYON infotainment system was introduced to exclusive clients in March 2022.

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