The router is one of the most important electronic devices in today’s homes. It serves as a link to the outer world, and it connects and gives access to every imaginable kind of information and entertainment.

The Chinese manufacturer of networking and communications products Phicomm had the idea of the router being the heart of the home and asked Jacob Jensen Design to design their most state-of-the-art device.

"The increased connectivity of today’s society puts high demands on design. We are immersed in technology, and it has moved into our lives. Phicomm had the idea of the router being the heart of the home, which caught our interest. We wanted to give the router the value it deserves and to make people appreciate it in their homes,"


Phicomm K3 combines Scandinavian design with state-of-the-art technology. The router features eight integrated antennas that provide excellent Wi-Fi coverage with the highest speed. Dual band technology (2.4G+5G) with transfer speeds of up to 3200mbps ensure a stronger and more stable network experience; technical USB3.0 configuration; easy access to storage devices. 3.5 inches TFT LCD display at the top of the router with easy access for users to use.

Phicomm K3 reflects the distinct design language of Jacob Jensen Design. Its attractive and compact shape invites you to regard it as an interior decoration piece. Ventilation is outlets are ingeniously hidden behind the rib pattern, leaving the two characteristic floating silver sheets clean and uninterrupted. With the seamlessly integrated display you can access all information and follow instructions intuitively with no need for a manual. Phicomm K3 revolutionises people’s perception of router design and sets new standards.

Even before it was launched, the Phicomm K3 router was awarded the prestigious German 2017 iF Design Award.


The official launch of the Phicomm K3 router was held in Lijiang, China on March 23rd 2017 as part of Phicomm’s announcement of their smart home strategy. The event venue featured a 17-meter K3-shaped building surrounded by beautiful snow-peaked mountains. Marina Lothigius, Creative Director of the Jacob Jensen Design Shanghai Studio shared the design process behind the Phicomm K3 router; to balance aesthetics, functionality and interface has been key to this design project.

On the day of the launch, the Phicomm K3 had pre-orders of 260,000 units. The first 20.000 routers were sold out during this first day.

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