Micron Ware

Brand revitalisation and communication manual | Thailand

Established in 1979, MICRON WARE specialises in the production of a wide range of plastic houseware products, including kitchen utensils, storage solutions, plastic furniture and lifestyle accessories.

Having become a household name in Thailand for its popular series of Super Lock food containers, the company is now expanding its business globally to cover more than 40 countries.

Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of revitalising MICRON WARE’s visual communications to confidently reflect the company’s vision of becoming a leading name in the Home & Living industry. By positioning MICRON WARE as a lifestyle brand, the company’s visual identity has been transformed into a modern, premium brand expression that is primed for international expansion.


When the essence of Thai tradition meets the refined minimalism of Scandinavian design, the unique result is MICRON WARE – an international lifestyle brand that combines simple, understated aesthetics with the warm, modest touch of Thai culture.

MICRON WARE’s new visual identity is consistent in cleverly incorporating elements of Thai culture. Thailand’s signature tone of deep indigo blue (‘Kram’ in Thai) is contrasted with vibrant colours and visuals that celebrate the rich and tantalising Thai culinary tradition.

Today, MICRON WARE is recognised as a homey, down-to-earth brand that provides modern functionality with a Thai twist.


As part of this collaboration, MICRON WARE’s communication manual has been developed to ensure that the brand experience is consistently engaging consumers through all touchpoints. This includes social media platforms, online communication applications, print media, tradeshow booths, packaging and merchandise design, and all points of purchase.


MICRON WARE’s new visual identity was first unveiled during a soft launch at the Style Fair 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Ambiente Fair 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. The updated aesthetic received positive feedback, bringing the Thai company one step closer to becoming a premium brand name on the world stage.

We expect to complete the official launch of the revamped MICRON WARE brand in August 2019. This will be marked by the release of a new houseware product designed by Jacob Jensen Design that carries MICRON WARE’s updated brand aesthetic.

With a new distinctive visual expression that invites intrigue and encourages the engagement of discerning cosmopolitan consumers, MICRON WARE’s communications now broadcast the consistency, strength and creativity of a company that is ready for international attention.