Established in 1972, VRH is Thailand's leading manufacturer of stainless kitchen and sanitary fittings.

Recently VRH creates a World+Design as a premium product line collection for collaborations with world-class designers.
Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of designing a new kitchen faucet that integrates both regular water and filtered water spout
in a single functional and intuitive object with the aim of creating a state-of-the-art device without compromising on functionality.

The design is inspired by the simplicity of tubular structures that allows for a highly flexible experience while remaining visually weightless.

The faucet proportions have been refined for an optimal experience, the upper part of the faucet can be rotated back parallel to the kitchen wall
to not create visual and physical disturbance when not in used. When in used, the laser engraved icons provide the user with a visual clue to accurately place the desired utensil under the right aerator.

The contrast between light & dark

The contrast between light & dark merged with carefully placed rotation points creates an intuitive perception between user input and faucet output.
The overall result creates a strikingly bold & iconic architectural silhouette with combinations of satin & gloss finishing.

By separating the regular and drinking water aerators next to each other in a rotating part, a feeling of clarity and convenience is imparted to the modern
South-east Asian families. Making use of a bi-directional lever handle to sustainably celebrate every drop of water with a Scandinavian character.

In a world increasingly dominated by fast moving superficial trends, our aspiration has been to create a meaningful, aesthetically quiet design solution with a long-lasting quality.

For people spending a lot of time in the kitchen, functionality is of high concerned, but also cleanliness and organisation. With Küche,
we aim at providing an essential functionality in the most intuitive way while providing a solution to make the kitchen space neater, more modern and with possibilities of personalization.

Launched at ASA 2019 fair in Bangkok, Thailand.

Küche is firstly Launched at ASA 2019 fair in Bangkok, Thailand. 3 main color variations were chosen at the first launch and later on commercialized in October 2019 starting from Maldive.

Küche receives design recognition from DeMark 2019 and Good Design Award (G-Mark) 2019, and exhibited in ASIAN DESIGN Hall, Tokyo Midtown during October – November 2019.


World-class design work

‘Working experience with Jacob Jensen Design is very professional.
They provide an absolutely world-class design work.’

Chanida Hathaipantalux, Managing Director, V.R.Union Co.,Ltd.