HomeHuk is the home & living brand of N-squared, a leading Thai online distributor and e-commerce solutions provider. N- squared started operations in 2014 and now operates in 6 countries in South-East Asia. The HomeHuk brand offers an extensive collection of furniture and home appliances for home lovers at affordable prices.

Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task to strategically revitalise HomeHuk through a re-structuring of the brand architecture and by shaping the brand visual to stand-out from the cluttered dime-store competitors on e-commerce platforms.


HomeHuk is an extremely dynamic and ambitious brand, offering a thoughtful selection of home products. Following a process of setting the company’s vision & mission, Jacob Jensen Design clarified the core brand values and brand personality that would shine through HomeHuk visual communication in all customer touchpoint. This included website, online marketing materials, campaign key visuals, animations, social media and delivery packaging.

Each family’s home is different. Parents and children develop individual tastes, even within one home. A great home is where all those points of views, tastes and colours can co-exist in harmony.

HomeHuk’s overall mood & tone celebrates this diversity. Firmly anchored in the brand’s greatest asset: the unique HomeHuk green colour, it gives room for people’s individual taste and creativity to be combined playfully.

The new HomeHuk logotype is inspired by the elements composing a house. Created from a figure combining diverse geometrical shapes into a unified, modern version of a home and a stylish yet down-to-earth wordmark, it creates a strong, recognisable look that directly reflects the concept of diversity.

Graphic elements are extracted from the logomark. The diverse geometrical shapes allow flexible usage for various visuals and show the brand personality through a harmony of colours and forms.

The strengthen brand foundations and the new energetic visual communication now reflect the true identity of HomeHuk. The implementation was creatively carried by the amazing, young & dynamic HomeHuk team, for an outstanding result.

Green is HomeHuk’s most identifiable asset. The dark shade of green and the light grey canvas create a formal and reliable impression. They are complemented by shades of yellow, blue, green and red from the secondary colours palette. Careful combinations allow various options to create a dynamic brand image, making the whole visual expression stronger, energetic, and inspiring.


The new HomeHuk communication manual sets a strong vision for the brand and provides clear guidelines to maintain clarity, uniqueness & consistency, making it a confident player in the cluttered world of online shopping.

The new HomeHuk brand identity was launched in April 2021 on all social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Line @ and website. The brand’s home store channels were consequently updated on Thailand’s famous online shopping channels such as Shopee, Lazada, JD Central.