VISION by Danwood

Danwood a modern manufacturer of turnkey prefabricated wooden house in Europe, with establishment in Denmark and production in Poland.

Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of designing a new ultrafine series of Scandinavian pre-fabricated homes name ‘VISION by Danwood’

Vision by Danwood

VISION by Danwood absorbs the Scandinavian design approach integrated in Polish craftsmanship with the optimisation, modularity and minimalism as the fundamental source of inspiration, throughout the 6 designs in the series.

Inspired by a rationalism and functional driven form, the
design is minimal and subtle resulting in a beautiful home and optimised living space

Impressive glass façades, defined lines and contrasting surfaces in combination is the exterior characteristic of Vision, highlighting a horizontal motion. While the interior is light and clean, genuine, geometric, airy and calm, creating an open and inviting space that is typically associated with Scandinavian living.

Open and spacious

Open and spacious, warm and cosy, inviting nature inside – all of which will enhance the well-being of the residents allowing them to connect to the nature

VR technology is used, allowing the potential customers to visualise their dream house with different exterior material options prior to signing the deal of their life.

VISION was launched in mid 2019 on the German market, the primary market of Danwood and was well received. In January 2020, VISION 195, the double storey home, was recognised by iF award 2020 in the Architecture discipline.

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