Dairy Home

Dairy Home is Thailand’s first organic dairy company and a responsible social enterprise born from a family business. It was built on a desire to bring customers the best dairy products in the most sustainable way. The company is driven by a passion for good food and a commitment to improving the health of the planet, the workforce, and the community.

Jacob Jensen Design has collaborated with Dairy Home to clarify the company’s brand values and to translate them into a compelling visual identity which builds on the already successful and recognizable elements while adding consistency & excitement with a contemporary feel.

The objective was to boost brand recognition and sales to the level they deserved to be, but also reinforce the company’s commitment to advocate for organic & sustainable practices in Thailand.

Jacob Jensen Design has boosted a value driven social enterprise through a strategy to move to completely 100% organic products, and a clarification of the companies values, that were confidently and consistently reflected into a fresh Visual Identity, setting Dairy Home apart in the Organic Dairy landscape in Thailand.


With a warm and homey visual style, the visual identity balances the strong, passionate and iconic Dairy Home Red (colour signature of the barn for local communities) with a clear, friendly typeface and soft hand-drawn illustrations, giving it a perfect blend of sharp modernity & down-to-earth, warm visual expression.

The collaboration with local farmers, company workers and talented illustrators allowed Jacob Jensen Design to make deep enhancements to the brand awareness nationally, and to give it a meaningful visual refresh, matching the level of their product quality and the company’s values

A complete Communication Manual was created to ensure consistent application of the design principles throughout all brand touchpoints, from packaging, labels to Point-of-sales, website and social media.

The official launch of the new Dairy Home is planned later on in Year 2020 while working with Thailand creative industry leader. The new visual identity is implemented throughout all customer touch points such as leading supermarket, healthy grocery store and online communications.