COTTO, Thailand’s leading innovator of sanitary ware, present a unique bathroom experience with the SKIVE Collection - Design by Jacob Jensen.

The bathroom series, consisting of a washbasin, a faucet, a toilet and a shower panel, is a combination of cutting-edge production technology and clean, aesthetic Scandinavian design where user-oriented functionalities, ultra-modern forms and natural materials meet.

"With the SKIVE Collection, we have focused on the bathroom as a vital part of your living space where functionality and usability built into the design is held in high regard. Dry and wet areas are clearly outlined and organized to optimize daily use, and different tactilities in the finishes define the functionalities," says creative director Sebastien Maleville, who has headed the SKIVE collection design team.


The wash basin’s tapered outline and geometric arrangement of surfaces come with user-driven functional details, from the clearly defined dry and wet areas that optimize daily use to the thin grooves around the rectangle-shaped drain for water evacuation.

The warm teak wood tray with geometrically cut shape creates a controlled space for personal bathroom accessories and can be freely placed on the basin to suit your needs or simply be put on the counter-top as a bathroom organizer.

The faucet stylishly complements the basin’s materiality of premium white ceramic with its distinguishable black-satin coated surface. The tapered edges of the lever offer seamless operation and visually correspond with the wash basin’s profile with subtly colored lines indicating the water temperature.


Speaking the same design language, the Skive Collection shower panel embraces modern Scandinavian design with its streamlined, monolithic piece and beautifully contradicting surfaces of high gloss black and sandblast matte black.

The touchscreen controller is easy to operate with simple and organized interface that can provide preset memory of your favorite water flow and temperature. The overhead shower’s incredibly refreshing rainfall is the work of multiple nozzles discreetly integrated into the upper part of the shower’s body. The hand shower is designed into a geometric shape with a magnetic attachment that can be easily held in place on the shower’s body, providing a convenient, seamless and magical shower experience.


The design of the SKIVE Collection toilet expresses modern minimalism with its tapered sides and edgy white ceramic echoing the features of the collection’s wash basin.

The flush buttons are coated with black satin finish adding unique contrast and character to the piece.


The SKIVE Collection is named after the picturesque landscape of the Danish Municipality of Skive where Jacob Jensen Design has been situated since 1966.

The identity of the SKIVE Collection is designed as a visual representation of the product design.

Jacob Jensen Design developed a full product visual identity manual for the SKIVE Collection that includes logotype, colours, typography, photography, booth design as well as guidelines for implementation.


In preparation for the launch of the Skive Collection, Jacob Jensen Design designed a booth that expresses Scandinavian interior design: Large organised spaces defined by contrasts of white and black combined with a warm touch of natural materials.

The booth is designed with a simple rectangular layout and premium materials to convey a sense of prestige and exclusivity.

The SKIVE Collection was launched at the ARCHITECT EXPO '18 in Bangkok in May 2018.

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