Established in 1965, the AURORA Group is a company providing intelligent and environmentally friendly office solutions.

Jacob Jensen Design has taken on the task of designing a modular furniture including sofa with big and small-sized integrated or separate table including accessories to be used in reception and public waiting areas within offices.

SØM (or ‘Seam’ in Danish) is inspired by the seaming craftsmanship behind the couch. It uses the graphical appeal of a thread shaping soft fabric and cushioning. The aesthetics have elements from modern Scandinavian architecture which often consists of strict sharp lines interacting with the softness of the surrounding natural landscape

'SØM' portrays 4 key values through the design which is the integration of belief, decades of practices and inherited Scandinavian ways of life.

Hygge | Modularity | Scandinavian craftmanship| Designer

Furniture Hygge: This Danish word refers to the simple cozy happiness that occur when you are surrounded by your loved ones. Light creates a warm atmosphere. We hope to give this modular furniture a new life by bringing the nordic HYGGE atmosphere into the office space.

Modularity: The furniture is highly modular so that the module can meet the needs of various use of the space. Exercise your imagination and light up the space with it.

Scandinavian craftsmanship: Jacob Jensen’s father, Alfred Jensen, was a craft furniture maker who had inherited his skill to his son and today pass on to the young designer team in Jacob Jensen Design studios.

Designer furniture: Søm is a designer office furniture - with 60 years of industrial design history in Denmark that influent people around the world.

The SØM collection was revealed to public at the newly open flagship showroom “SPACE+” on September 11th at China's AURORA new SPACE+ in Shanghai. Our shanghai team was invited to share the design thinking on the design forum.

In the end of 2019, the SØM collection was recognised by Red Star China and Golden Pin Design Award.


Red Star Award:

Golden Pin Award: