The relationship between Bang & Olufsen and Jacob Jensen Design began in 1964 and continued in various forms until 1991.

During this period, Jacob Jensen Design developed the trailblazing form language, which transformed the company from Danish quality brand to international design icon.

Bang & Olufsen | Beogram 4000 turntable | 1973


The Museum of Modern Art, New York | USA

In 1978, The Museum of Modern Art in New York held a solo exhibition, ’Bang & Olufsen: Design for Sound by Jacob Jensen’, which included 28 audio products.

The exhibition featured both Bang & Olufsen and Jacob Jensen. This was an exceptional gesture of recognition as the museum had only arranged solo exhibitions on two previous occasions: an Olivetti exhibition in the 1930s and a Braun exhibition in the 1960s.

Today Jacob Jensen Design is represented with 21 products in the design collections at MoMA.

Beocenter 9000

In the early 1980s, B&O had brought back a strange box called a CD player from Japan. The idea group, which included Jacob Jensen Design, began a long period of development and created a total entertainment centre including a flat screen TV, a radio, a CD player, a tape recorder, loudspeakers, a telephone and a wristwatch with built-in remote control. After 76 models, the idea group decided that the new music system should have a radio, a tape recorder and a CD player.

The Beocenter 9000 won the Japanese Good Design award in 1987.

Bang & Olufsen | Beocenter 9000 Music System | 1986

Beowatch 1993

Altogether, Jacob Jensen Design has designed 234 products for Bang & Olufsen, among them music systems, amplifiers, turntables, tape recorders, CD players, remote control units, loud-speakers etc.

Many of these products have received design awards, both nationally and internationally, and are represented in museums worldwide.

»These are not empty words when we say that your influence on our products is indelible and your efforts for Bang & Olufsen invaluable.«
Bang & Olufsen Board of Directors, 1976

Bang & Olufsen | Beowatch | 1993

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