Jacob Jensen Design operates a sister studio in Bangkok providing creative services to local and regional clients.

With our partner King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, we also offer accredited academic programmes.


Jacob Jensen Design | KMUTT Bangkok offers a broad range of creative services:

• Product design
• Graphic design
• Value clarication
• Branding and communication
• Public space
• Lectures and workshops


To maintain consistency of the form language, values and culture in all design studios, the basic structure of the partnership has been developed.

Working across regional studios, a growing multicultural creative muscle is created, which generates more innovative products and design solutions for our clients.

We have over 14 nationalities in our global team. Working together, what we get is more diverse and international thinking to feed into our global network which will only improve the quality of the work that we produce.


The academic programme at Jacob Jensen Design is a unique opportunity to gain working experience in an international learning environment.

Through practice supervised by Jacob Jensen Design's senior designers, apprentice designers will learn the Jacob Jensen Design method, values and thoughts.

The academic programme is offered as a full-time, 1-year graduate programme or a 4 to 12 months free-mover programme.

Upon completion of the programme, successful apprentices will graduate as designers who can competently reflect the design language of Jacob Jensen Design – a unique foundation on which to build your own careers. Click below to learn more about each programme.