Electronic Parking Disc III

The JACOB JENSEN® Electronic Parking Disc 3 expresses the clean design language developed by Jacob Jensen and refined over more than 60 years. In an ever increasingly busy world, the new Electronic Parking Disc gives you one less thing to worry about. It automatically sets the parking time, and lets you carry on. As an additional feature, the parking disc can be positioned vertically or horizontally on the wind screen, allowing for most flexibility. All you have to do is choose when installing and the device will automatically detect the orientation.

Available now, exclusively through Imerco in Denmark in stores and on imerco.dk


JACOB JENSEN Electronic Parking Disc II is an electronic parking disc which automatically registers and displays when your car was parked. The product is attached to the inside of the windscreen. The parking time is shown on two LCD displays. The product registers when the car is started, is being driven and is being parked. The product has an LED light that can been seen from the inside of the car which notifies the user when the product registers a parking time and when the batteries are running low.