Strata 270 & 280

Strata 271 & 281

Strata 272 & 282

Strata 273 & 283

The award-winning Strata watch collection is designed to accommodate the flexibility of daily living. The easy changeable leather strap is clearly visible on the side of the case which gives the watch a distinctive aesthetic expression. Combining classic design, functionality and high-quality materials the Strata watch is an iconic timepieces created by the Jacob Jensen Design Studio.

New 737 & 747

New 738 & 748

New 739 & 749

New 750 & 760

New 752 & 762

New 757 & 767

New 755 & 765

New 756 & 766

New 753 & 763

New 758 & 768

New 751 & 761

New 754 & 764

New 736 & 746

New 731 & 741

New 733 & 743

New 732 & 742

New 734 & 744

New 712 & 722

The design of the JACOB JENSEN New Series has been revisited three times since its release in 1995, resulting in some subtle yet significant changes to its design. The inner face of the watch has got a vertical dropped groove, which extenuates its three dimensional quality. It amplifies the illusion of the strap flowing seamlessly around the watch face.

The updated models are available in 39 mm, 35 mm and 29 mm watchcases.

Icon 210 & 220

Icon 212 & 222

Icon 232 & 242

Icon 233 & 243

»The Icon Series has a distinctive Jacob Jensen Design look, but at the same time expresses a very modern idea of what a watch is«
Chief Designer, Timothy Jacob Jensen

As always, the choice of materials is central to JACOB JENSEN™. The choices for this series focused on contrasts between polished and matt steel, a leather strap with inlaid rubber and a sapphire crystal lens. The dominant design feature is the harmonious and smooth transition from the watch case to the strap, and the characteristic cross that features on the dial, the crown and the clasp.

Dimension 840 & 850

Dimension 841 & 851

Dimension 842 & 852

Dimension 843 & 853

Dimension 844 & 854

Based on the philosophy which for decades has made the design studio behind it, The Danish Jacob Jensen Design, recognized and respected all over the world. Everything superfluous has been removed, and what remain are the pure lines, the material, and the functionality supported by sublime technical quality. Like its predecessor, the watch case is made of solid stainless steel. The glass is sapphire crystal and consequently very scratch resistant. The watch strap is genuine leather. Behind the new face you will still find the Swiss ETA quality movement.

Curve 250

Curve 251

Curve 252

Curve 253

Curve 254

Curve 255

The Curve series is a clear, bold design with a single strap running seamlessly through the watch case. There are no numerals or indices; the design simply features a rotating disc that indicates the minutes while a single hand shows the hours and a crown to the side adjusts the time. As always, JACOB JENSEN™ uses the finest materials such as mineral crystal glass, which provides a subtle dome over the watch face. This glass is then enclosed by a circular stainless steel case inscribed with the JACOB JENSEN™ logo.

Classic 510 & 520

Classic 512 & 522

Classic 513 & 523

In 1985, Timothy Jacob Jensen designed two wristwatches in collaboration with the Danish watch manufacturer Max René. The watches were made of titanium with a soft silicon treatment on the strap and a lens made of sapphire crystal. The silver and black dial of the watches created an association with the daily cycle of night and day and light and dark.

In 1986, the Museum of Modern Art in New York included the watches in its Design Study Collection. They were the first products marketed under the trademark of JACOB JENSEN.

Chronograph 600

Chronograph 603

Chronograph 604

Chronograph 605

Chronograph 606

»The chronograph was introduced as a wristwatch in 1910. Since then, the design hasn’t radically changed.«

»Most chronographs made through history are more or less variations on the same theme: The more numbers, divisions and details, the better! But one should not forget that a watch is both an article for everyday use and an ornament. Therefore we decided to create a different chronograph. A watch, which is simple and beautiful, regardless of time and place, but which at the same time meets most of the demands made on chronographs. I think that the result speaks for itself,«
Chief Designer Timothy Jacob Jensen

Eclipse Series 440

Eclipse Series 441

Eclipse Series 442

Eclipse Series 443

Eclipse Series 444

Eclipse Series 445

»The quality of the design is recognisable from a distance, yet it doesn’t compete with a woman’s individual sense of style but rather complements it. While mobile communications technology may enrich our lives in many ways, there’s nothing that can beat the convenience of glancing down at your wrist to check the time while also appreciating this thought-provoking, tactile piece«.
Chief Designer Timothy Jacob Jensen

The Eclipse Series received the internationally recognised quality label for excellent design, red dot design award.

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