Thise Mejeri Visual identity I Denmark

Thise Mejeri I Workshop I Timeline of packaging I 2015

The growth of the Danish organic dairy company Thise has practically exploded over the last 25 years. All this has happened without any master plan as to what their graphic profile should look like.

Coming up on the 25-year anniversary, they decided that it was high time to get a grip on their many graphic expressions. They joined forces with Jacob Jensen Design. The result was a graphic »fenne« – a fenced pasture in the Jutland dialect – outlining how their products and graphic image will look in the future.


Visual identity I Denmark

In 2012, Jacob Jensen Design won a EU tender for designing a visual identity for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. In Danish, the denomination is called »The people´s church«, which is appropriate since 80% of the Danes are members.


Commercial vehicles I Sweden

In 2004, Volvo was owned by Ford and positioned within their premium brand category together with Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Lincoln.

As Volvo is one of only very few car brands in Scandinavia, it was clear to Ford that the main focus for the brand should be its Scandinavian roots. With an emphasis on differentiation and strengthening of the brand’s identity and consequently its products, the Volvo Strategic Design Department commissioned Jacob Jensen Design to give their interpretation of Scandinavian values.


In the spring of 2003, Jacob Jensen Design was asked to develop a communication strategy for the Danish Social Democrats with the aim of ensuring consistency and clarity in the party’s profile and serving as an aid to members and employees when solving communication tasks.

THE DANISH SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY | Communication and Design manual | 2003

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